Cheapest Places to Travel in the World

2021 looks promising. The pandemic situation is ebbing down. Vaccines are almost here and there is hope. Countries around the world are gradually opening their borders for international travel. Wanderlusts and globetrotters are eagerly waiting to explore again. So, the obvious question that pops up is where to go next? 2021 brings new hope and also a possibility to explore places that were not economical friendly to travel to earlier. Being frugal is now seen as one of the future lifestyle necessities and many will be money-conscious after the impact of the pandemic. However, it hasn’t lessened our spirit to travel but obviously, people are going to be mindful of where to spend their hard-earned money during travel vacations. Budget destinations are going to be the happening destinations in 2021. Here we have listed some of the cheapest places to travel in the world all around the year:


Thailand has always been one of the most sought-after budget-friendly destinations to visit in the world. A week-long vacation in Thailand is said to cost less than US$ 1000 for two people if you know where to go and what to do in Thailand. Right now, the perfect blend of sun, sand and sea is exactly what you need after a long hiatus from travel. Gear up for some Vitamin Sea and rejuvenate at some of the most mind-blowing beaches and islands of Asia. Skip the cities if you can and opt for island hopping tours. A visit to Thailand’s relaxed isles such as Koh Lanta, Koh Phayam, Koh Kood to name a few is a great way to start the year serenely and sublimely

United Arab Emirates

UAE as an economical destination? Most might think that is a plain crazy thought. However, there is plenty to see and do in the UAE other than visiting the opulent attractions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Look beyond the usually hyped attractions such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabiopulent stays at Dubai’s luxury hotels and you will plentiful to explore on a nominal budget. For instance, an abra ride on Dubai Creek is an ideal way to explore Dubai’s gorgeous old-world charms and it costs merely 1 dirham per person. The posh Dubai Downtown area can be witnessed without spending a dime sauntering around Dubai Fountain and the grand Burj Khalifa. Abu Dhabi has some amazing desert safari options that are quite reasonably priced than that of Dubai. The neighboring emirates of Fujairah and Sharjah offer an eclectic mix of Arabian heritage and adventure activities. Pick some from here, choose some from there – a little bit from these emirates affordable attractions and you are sorted for your economical UAE holiday.


This charming nation has been garnering a lot of attention lately as one of the most promising and cheapest holiday destinations to visit in the world. Nestled on the shores of the Black Sea, Georgia is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It thus has an incredible fusion of Western and Eastern elements. The country is a treasure trove of natural splendor with beautiful mountain terrains and serene beaches on its shoreline. Apart from numerous natural attractions in Georgia, one can enjoy its historic architectural marvels, picturesque townships, and sprawling vineyards. Though Georgia is so incredibly gorgeous, it gets overshadowed by other European destinations such as Turkey and Greece. It has a perfect combination of nature; culture and Georgian cuisine take a flavorsome blend of east and west. Visiting Georgia is cheaper than other popular European destinations and if you get a chance to explore best places to visit in Georgia, don’t miss it for anything.


Indonesia is a nature lover’s dream paradise sheathed in pristine shorelines, rich green paddy terraces, verdure forests. This nation consists of over 17000 islands scattered in the ocean between Asia and Australia. This stunning country is a potpourri of diverse Asian cultures and dynamic picturesque landscapes that vary from stellar tropical beaches and lush green terrains to high, volcanic mountains. Indonesia entertains soul searchers, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. A visit to this exotic Asian country is quite affordable and with some budget-friendly options, it can easily be one of the most budget-reliable vacations for you to cherish and remember. If you are planning a tour to Indonesia then you must make a list of top things to do in Bali as it is one of the cheapest places to travel in the world.


Perched on the southern side of the United Arab Emirates, Oman is blessed with some of the most gorgeous topography than any other Middle Eastern country. The destination is a mish-mash of Arabian heritage, historical UNESCO sites, vibrant cities, unspoiled beaches, vast deserts, quaint seaside towns, picturesque valleys, and natural pools. Musandam in Oman is popular among adventures and nature lovers to take a break from their daily lives and escape for some fun time amid nature. For a budget-friendly holiday, Oman is a reasonable choice and can be combined as an extension to the UAE holiday.


Among South Asian countries, Laos is a gem that gets shrouded by the popularity of its neighboring countries. Flanked by the Mekong River and dotted with French colonial structures and Buddhist monasteries, Laos is one of the most charming Asian countries to visit. The capital city of Vientiane exudes a French flair from its colonial era that blends seamlessly with the vibrant city life and bustling markets. When it comes to budget, Laos is a better choice as a budget-friendly destination when compared to other cheapest places to travel in the world surrounding it.

Sri Lanka

This teardrop-shaped country in the Indian Ocean may seem petite but packs a punch when it comes to natural attractions. Sri Lanka is a heady mix of tropical beaches, historic and colonial sites, tea gardens and rain forests, and flavorsome seafood cuisine. This island country is particularly popular for laid-back beach getaways that offer picture-perfect sunset experiences. Every attraction in Sri Lanka is awe-inspiring – be it the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Adams Peak and Sigiriya or verdant colonial hill-stations of Nuwara Eliya. A trip to Sri Lanka is a great way to enjoy an idyllic yet off-beaten escape from the real world. The plus point is of course the fact that it is one of the best Asian destinations that can be explored without putting much pressure on your wallet.

What’s next?

Every destination has its pros and cons and one can make a budget vacation work with few tweaks in the leisure and luxury scale. The hotel accommodations and transport costs at all these mentioned destinations are either high or low depending on which type of services you choose. With destinations, yearning for travelers to visit their country post-covid-19 and increase the tourist influx, many nations like Dubai has offered incentives to allure more visitors by opening up tourist places to visit in Dubai. The term ’workcation’ is also emerging popularly with more and more people opting to utilize their ‘work from home’ period to operate from serene destinations. Hence if you are wondering where to travel in 2021, now is the best time to choose cheapest places to travel in the world and book in advance for your future holiday.

The world-renowned destination is incredibly affordable to visit if we have the right information and planning to do so. Budget destinations are going to be the happening destinations in 2021.

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