Best Places To Visit in Hyderabad

In India, the hills are a favored place to relax and visit, but if you are looking for a not-so-quaint place to visit you can always look out towards the southeastern part of India. Nestled here is the glorious state of Hyderabad. This may not fall into your quintessential travel destination list and you might find yourself questioning is it worth it? But the real question that needed to be asked in this context is ‘do you want to know what makes Hyderabad places to visit so special?’ Well, one reason is it was once the trading hub of the country which could only mean ‘endless bazaars’ and who doesn’t want to visit them. It can be very therapeutic for some; imagine walking pass colorful tents of fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, etc. Now, who wouldn’t find that enjoyable?

Check out this Hyderabad travel guide that covers everything from top things to do and best places to visit in Hyderabad:

Golconda fort

If the Charminar does not quench your taste for archeological sites then visiting the Golconda fort might do the trick. This fort was built during the Qutub shahi dynasty and history has it that it withheld cannon fires for eight whole months which goes to show that this isn’t any ordinary fort. And after you are done exploring, you can sit back and relax and witness the amazing light and sound show at dusk.


For starters, you can visit one of the top tourist attractions in Hyderabad which is Charminar. Why should you visit this historic monument you ask? Well, it is because it is a beautiful depiction of Indo-Islamic architecture and style. For years this monument has marveled curious travellers from all over the world. This archeological treasure of India is a site worthy of your time and visit while exploring vacation spots of Hyderabad.

Salar Jung Museum

For a relaxing and quiet day of exploring, head on towards the Salar Jung Museum which has an amazing collection of over forty thousand artifacts, thousands of ancient books and manuscripts dating back to the 2nd century BC and the 20th Century AD, paintings, weapons used during war, furniture, sculptures etc. Just reading about it is enough to awaken the archeological geek in you, so imagine actually being there and experiencing it first-hand.

Ramoji Film City

After you are done exploring historical sites and if you are in the mood for a day of complete entertainment then your next stop should be the Ramoji Film City. This jam-packed destination is guaranteed to provide you with all the entertainment you need. It has theatres, adventure sport activities, bazaars, restaurants and cafes, gardens etc. It’s the perfect place to be to get that boost of excitement and adventure and if you want to take a break you can always head on over to a restaurant and order a plate of the ever so delectable Hyderabadi biryani which the state is famous for. If you are looking for some of the fun places to visit in Hyderabad with kids and family then Ramoji Fiml City should be your first choice.

Rock Climbing Gear

For all you adrenaline junkies, get your rock climbing gears ready and make your way towards Rock Walks. This spot has many huge boulders which is ideal for rock climbing. This is also the perfect spot for trekking or if you are just looking for a place to take walks and admire nature with a loved one. The cost of entry is zero; that right, you can experience all these without even spending a rupee. But if you have to head on over there make sure to go before it closes which is around 4pm in the afternoon and it opens at 10 in the morning.

Hyderabad Bazaars

As mentioned earlier, Hyderabad is famous for its bazaars and one that you must visit is the General Bazaar located in MG Road, Kalasiguda. It is famous for silver jewelry, pearls, precious stones, bags, earrings, traditional footwear etc. It’s perfect for you shopaholics out there as one can never have too many earrings and shoes. Shopping is one of the top things to do in Hyderabad and there can’t be better place than Hyderabad Bazzars.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake is also a spot worth visiting for a quiet night of peace and calm. At the center of the lake there is a statue of Buddha which gets lighted at night offering a sense of tranquility to the visitors. Make sure to get your cameras ready as it has all the elements that are essential for the perfect picture as it is one of the best places to visit in Hyderabad.

If buckling up and getting the thrill that go-karts, trampolines and roller skates give you is something that you might enjoy, then head on over to Runway 9. A perfect weekend activity enjoyed by the local residents. It’s the perfect place for a family fun day. It has everything you need to make a day fun and exciting and memorable. There are also food courts inside the park where you can sit back and get your fill of food before going out and experiencing more.

Nehru Zoological Park

Hyderabad is also famous for safari which you can enjoy by going to the Nehru Zoological Park where you can set your eyes on the beautiful flora and fauna. It is home to many exotic wildlife species like the Bengal Tiger, panthers, Indian Elephants and many more. Just make sure you do not venture out alone, also ensure that you have a guide along with you as you do not want to do anything that might trigger the wildlife and probably endanger yourself.

Birla Mandir

If you want a serene spiritual day, make your way to the Birla Mandir which was built and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Just by being in and around the temple, you will get a sense of immense spirituality owing to its carvings of lord Vishnu and many other deities. The architecture is spellbinding and glorious in every form possible.

These are some of the best things to do and the top places to visit in Hyderabad await you if you ever plan to discover this amazing city. These places are special in their own unique ways and are sure to give you beautiful memories to be shared with your loved ones.

If these tourist attractions of Hyderabad have enticed you and if you ever plan to visit this glorious city,  you can achieve a seamless and cheap flight ticket booking to Hyderabad as the city has its own airport ( Rajiv Gandhi International Airport). 

What’s next?

Please note that due to the global pandemic, there could be certain restrictions or guidelines that must be followed by visitors. Conduct thorough research and adhere to the rules laid down by the state government and authorities to ensure your safety as well as others. If you are looking for best places to visit near Hyderabad then check out our other travel guides of India.

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