Travel with your family in 2024

During the holiday, there is no better way to celebrate and bond with your loved ones than going on a family vacation together. However, for the trip to be successful, everything should be well prepared and booked in advance.  To read more about traveling with your family, you can find more information on the Travel Trail Blog.

One of the most challenging things is how to come up with a decision where to go and what you can do while you are on vacation. For instance, I have two amazing suggestions for 2024: take a summer cruise and visit Dubai over winter holidays. It may seem crazy at first, but once you plan ahead it will become real in the end and memories will last forever.

One year ago this was our plan; and we had a successful cruise on MSC Musica and celebrated New Year’s Eve happily in Dubai. According to my experience, here are some tips that will guarantee you an unforgettable year through two amazing travel experiences with your family.

Tips for going on a cruise with your family in 2024

First of all, find an embarkation port that is close to the city where you live. If you have a port in your city, then you are in a happy situation. You can go and find a Travel Agency and ask for all the cruises available for 2024. Once you have the schedule of the cruises and their prices, you can book the cruise that suits your budget and available time offers, with your local Travel Agency.

If you don’t have a port in the city where you live, you will have to see where exactly you can embark for the cruise that you want. Among the cruise lines that have incredible offers, I recommend MSC and Royal Caribbean. They both offer a huge variety of cruises, having a lot of choices for your Embarkation points. In this case, you will have to buy the cruise trips from their official websites. You will be guided during the process how to proceed. But, if your embarkation point is quite far from your residence, make sure that you arrive in time. So plan a flight and a hotel stay, with a minimum one day before the cruise starts. You don’t want to miss the cruise and hence lose all the money spent on the cruise.

A cruise ship is a better option than going to a 5* hotel with All-inclusive. On a cruise, you will have a lot of entertainment, kids club, theaters, swimming pools, spa, shops, fitness clubs and all-inclusive meals, with buffet and a-la-carte options. So not only you will have accommodation, but all meals included, plus a lot of fun.

Each cruise ship has a theme. In our case, we chose MSC Musica, which offered a lot of entertainment events day and night: from Samba, to Tango classes, Italian classes, cooking competitions, to musical shows and competitions for kids. There is something for everyone in your family, to enjoy. The children can be left in one of the Kids Clubs, while the parents go on trips, during the daytime.

So don’t think twice, before booking a cruise with your family. Our cruise was an 8-days cruise on Mediterana. We have bought all excursions from the ship, so we have visited some amazing places as well: Mykonos, Santorini, Athens, Kussadasi and Haifa. In each place, we had a travel guide and everything was well planned in advance, on the ship. We had the meeting time and point and nothing else to worry. Also, the tickets for the trips were received in the room, one day in advance.

It was definitely one of the most enriching experiences that we have ever had and if someone asks us what the best way to spend a holiday is, definitely one of the options is A Cruise with the family.

Tips for going to Dubai with your family in 2024

Dubai is considered a top travel destination for families. First, I must tell you that we imagined this corner of the world totally differently than what we discovered in the beginning of 2024. As a first tip for travel to Dubai, you should consider that Dubai is a very hot place, so the best time to visit is during the winter months when the weather is pleasant enough for outdoor activities. We were lucky with temperatures ranging from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, making our week in Dubai amazing.

Dubai is also a place that will leave you speechless, as their pace of development is very high. As soon as you step into this place, you will be amazed by their 7-lane highways, the variety of outdoor and indoor parks for kids and the list of activities available. Usually, when I book activities for the entire family during trips abroad, I find myself limited in options. However, in Dubai, you’ll be amazed by the diverse offerings that would take years to cover.

On the other side, the way Dubai celebrates New Year’s Eve is memorable. You will get the chance to see amazing fireworks and huge crowds. The emotions are huge and you will never regret coming here to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

You will also get the chance to swim and sunbathe, as the end of the year offers amazing temperatures. Additionally, one of the biggest flower gardens in the world, Miracle Garden – is in Dubai, and it is open to the public during the winter months. You can use UAE taxis for your daily door to door transportation. From visiting flower gardens, amazing parks, going to the top of the highest building in the world, or visiting the Palm Observatory, seeing the fountain show from Burj Khalifa, to going to Global Village for an amazing culinary experience, Dubai has something for the entire family.

If you also like shopping for a day, you have the option to do so in the largest mall in the world – Dubai Mall. The malls offer a lot of entertainment, from Sea Aquariums at Dubai Mall to ski slopes  at Emirates Mall, to movie nights and so much more.

I hope these travel suggestions will suit your family, and you will opt for going on a Cruise and visiting Dubai.

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