Best Places To Visit in Georgia

Georgia places to visit offer a world of cultural diversity and dramatic natural beauty, from busy cosmopolitan cities to sandy beaches and sun-dappled coasts.

The biggest aquarium in the world and Atlanta’s urban skyline are both to be seen while in Atlanta.

Located in Georgia’s first city, Savannah has a long history and magnificent architecture that will charm you.

At Cumberland Island National Seashore, you can find wild horses, beautiful beaches, scenic mountains, water parks, waterfalls, and Civil War sites along with amusement parks and awesome wedding venues.

Here we have listed some of the top things to do and the best places to visit in Georgia. Check out this Georgia travel guide:

Island Tibee

Beach lovers will love Tybee Island. In only 20 minutes, you can walk to the beach on Tybee’s five miles of pristine sand surrounded by golden sea oats in ancient sand dunes.

Everywhere you look there is stunning scenery, and things are never-ending – you can sunbathe, go fishing, go sailing, go boating, go hiking or biking, eat, drink or just relax with an umbrella under your feet.

Across 22 square miles of old maritime forests, there is a great deal to see. No wonder it is listed amongst one of the top places to see in Georgia.

Visit the historic Fort Pulaski and marvel at the famed Tybee Lighthouse while learning about the turbulent history of the country. Spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed at Fort Screven area and wonderful restaurants, beach bars, and cafes.

Garden of Callaway

Cason J. Callaway and his wife Virginia Hand Callaway developed the 14,000-acre, state-of-the-art Callaway Gardens on Pine Mountain, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

They were opened in 1952, originally for the growth of azaleas. Today, the Gardens include nature spaces and attractions, and a resort that offers short- and long-term lodging options.

In addition to the diverse landscape, the garden boasts a variety of paths for walking and biking as well as an Azalea Bowl and an Azalea Garden. If you are searching for some of the fun places to visit in Georgia then you should add this garden to your itinerary.

 Among the exciting things to do are the Robin Lake Beach with its fine, white sand (the largest beach in the world constructed with natural white sand), two golf courses, TreeTop Adventure Zip Line and Obstacle Course and the Ida Cason Callaway  Memorial Chapel.


Alpharetta, an Atlanta suburb, offers a variety of dining, shopping, and art galleries in its historic downtown. There is also an outdoor amphitheater, as well as an active music scene thereby making it one of the top tourist attractions in Georgia.

A variety of music, arts, and street festivals are held every year in New Albany. Parades, farmer’s markets, and other events are also held here.

It features century-old homes, boutique stores, and gourmet dining in a historic downtown area.

The 23 hotels in the area offer accommodations for every budget.

Blue Ridge

This charming small town has a distinct artsy vibe and is called the “Switzerland of the South.”.

There are galleries and excellent breweries that feature live music and serve excellent brews.

The Marietta and North Georgia Railroad allowed easy access to Blue Ridge early on, leading to the construction of five hotels soon after its founding in 1886.

Seeing the beauty of the surrounding area is easy with the historic Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

Explore this historic courthouse that now houses art studios and galleries, and enjoy a day at the popular downtown Blue Ridge City Park.

Kayak or canoe down the Ocoee River or pick fruit at Mercier Orchards. Take the kids for a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Historical Site Wormsloe

To reach the remains of Wormsloe, the colonial estate and home of Noble Jones, you must travel a cool, shady avenue lined with ancient oak trees covered in Spanish moss.

The county’s first settlers were from England, and one of them was Jones.

While establishing the towns of New Ebenezer and Augusta in 1815, Jones held various positions including constable, doctor, royal councilor, Indian agent, and surveyor.

In addition to building his estate near Savannah, he did well for himself. Tabby’s ruin is among Wormsloe’s most ancient structures in Savannah.

There is a museum at Wormsloe that contains a collection of various artifacts, and interpreters dressed in period attire entertain visitors with tales and adventures from the past.

Located within Colonial Life Area are scenic hiking trails that lead to games and events that honor Georgia’s colonial past. All these reasons make it one of the most historic places to visit in Georgia.

The Arabian Mountains

Ancient granite monadnocks have existed for centuries in the Arabia Mountains.

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is known for its breathtaking landscapes. If you are planning to explore some of the fun things to do in Georgia then this mountains offer you all the exposure.

You’ll see plants fit for the harsh environment of the mountains in what looks like a dead, barren landscape. Rare species of vegetation are found here, such as the black-spored quillwort and amianthus.

It is a breathtaking trek along the Arabia Mountain Top Trail to reach the summit of the mountain, where you can see enormous granite boulders lying exposed in the fields, surrounded by shallow basins filled with rare plants.

In the Flat Rock Archives, you can learn about the rich history of the heritage area where people have been living for thousands of years.

During the war, Trappist monks came to Georgia and built the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

The monks prepare tasty snacks as part of their culinary exhibit, with architectural and bonsai attractions available.

Falls at Panther Creek

There’s a hidden gem that takes hikers by surprise in the Cohutta Mountains of Georgia, south of the Smoky Mountains.

North Georgia’s Panther Creek has a series of magnificent waterfalls that can be seen along the popular 5.8-mile Panther Creek Trail located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

In a deep, clear pool of water, a series of wide waterfalls flow that makes it one of the natural tourist attractions in Georgia that you can visit with your family.

It provides a pleasant background sound to the rushing water at the bottom of the falls, where camping is allowed on a sandy, level area.

It is one of Georgia’s most popular hikes, so there are a lot of campsites before or after the falls.

A shorter but much more challenging route can be taken to reach waterfalls from Yonah Dam, and it is closer to the trailhead.

Mounds of Indians at Etowah

The Etowah River area in Bartow County, Georgia, was inhabited by approximately 1,000 Native Americans from 1000 A.D. to 1550 A.D. They left plenty of artifacts as a keepsake of their lives.

There are 54 acres at Etowah Indian Mounds protected by an earthen mound village, a plaza, a ditch, and another borrow pit, which used to be occupied by native Americans.

South Appalachian Mississippian culture, which is the ancestor of the Muscogees and Creeks, inhabited the area for many generations.

See the fish traps native Americans used for fishing on a nature trail along the Etowah River.

Only a few areas have been excavated, but we can tell that the inhabitants created a complex society that incorporated a range of  rituals.

 The museum provides a look at native American body decorating, including paint, shells, and hairstyles. Visitors also learn about copper earrings and feather earrings.

Stone effigies that weigh 125 pounds are also located in the museum, along with wood, shell, and stone artifacts.

Wildlife Refuge at Okefenokee

As a breeding ground for migrating birds and other wildlife, the 401,880 acre refuge was established in 1937 and serves as a refuge for migratory birds.

A number of important habitats can be found in Florida, such as the Okefenokee Swamp, the headwaters of St. Mary’s and Suwannee rivers, as well as American woodcocks and indigo snakes.

In addition to amphibians that are bioindicators of the habitats’ health, the refuge is well known for its collection of amphibians.

The refuge contains more than 600 plant species that makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions of Georgia.

There are 353,981 acres of National Wilderness Areas in Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

RAMSAR, which has determined that the refuge is a Wetland of International Importance due to its status as one of the largest intact freshwater ecosystems in the world.

At the refuge, you can walk along boardwalks and observe wildlife. Fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, boating, and hunting are all unique things to do in Georgia that you can enjoy at this peaceful, lush area.

Trail of the Appalachians

Georgia may or may not be the starting point of the Appalachian Trail. It is in the Northern part of Georgia that 79 miles of the trail are located, and they are amongst the most scenic in all of Georgia.

Georgia is less mountainous than there is in the rest of the country, and this region is a good place for day hikes as well as longer excursions.

There are several short hikes within six miles for guests to choose from.

Springer Mountain marks the start of the trail, which heads north from here to Maine.

Additionally, trails logs are kept in a vault, and hikers engrave them at the start and end of their journey.

What’s next?

The above list of top things to do and best places to visit in Georgia are more than enough to make your journey a memorable experience. Now you know where to go and what to do in Georgia, go ahead and pack your bags now. If you are planning to explore top places to visit in Georgia then you must check our other travel guides.

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