Best Places To Visit in Basel

Every city in Europe and Switzerland has its charm and attractions, but only a few can match up to what Basel has for its visitors. The concentration of cultural destinations and tourist attractions is immaculate when it comes to top places to visit in Basel.

Basel is Switzerland’s second-largest city, and here you will find many museums; there is one museum per square kilometer which makes more than 40 museums just in Basel. Most of the buildings in Basel are themselves designed by famous and great architects, including Frank O. Gehry, Renzo Piano, and Mario Botta.

There are two sides of Basel, and these sides are connected by six bridges of the river Rhine before there is a sharp turn before the river flows north and becomes a German-French border.

On the higher left bank, you will find all the cultural attractions and the Old Town. By taking tours from Basel, you can enjoy the ultimate experience of the cultural richness of this city. Here we have listed some of the top things to do and best places to visit in Basel Switzerland to make your tour memorable:

9 Beautiful Places to Visit in Basel

1. Border Triangle

The border triangle is the point where France, Germany, and Switzerland converge thereby making it one of the top tourist attractions of Basel. The boats sail towards the North Sea from this point and is a hub for all raw materials in Switzerland. This point is a unique place where all three different cultures and languages of different countries unite.

The Border Triangle is a striking building and fun fact, it was built out of an architectural competition among the French, German and Swiss architects in 1990. This futuristic building has an event room, a bar, and a terrace that spans the stunning view of Rhine.

Sand Oasis forms during the summer which invites the guests to relax on the ground. The cocktail bar, palm trees, and sand make it an enjoyable holiday atmosphere. 

2. Basel Exhibition Centre

The Basel exhibition center is one of the largest exhibition centers and best tourist attractions in Basel Switzerland. Its layout, facilities, and space make this Exhibition center home to some of the world’s biggest trade shows and prestigious exhibitions.

A number of fairs and exhibitions take place here all year round, and the architecture itself is enough to appreciate the place. You can enjoy live and face-to-face marketing in many of these fairs with no booths or stalls. Every aspect adds to the uniqueness of this exhibition hall.

3. Augusta Raurica

This is one of the unique Basel places to visit that will take you back to Roman times. Augusta Raurica is the largest archaeological park that offers more than thirty exciting and unique sites that will surely leave you surprised. These include the atmospheric Roman house, the Roman theatre, and the largest collection of antique silver that can be seen in the museum.

The theatre has 2000 seats with authentic rooms in the picturesque Roman house, more than 270 bowls, plates, and coins are a part of the silver treasure. The sympathetic zoo with old breeds will make this excursion surely unforgettable. 

4. Mittlere Brücke

The Mittlere Brucke is Basel’s landmark bridge and the best places to visit in Basel Switzerland all around the year. It was opened way long ago in 1226 across the river Rhine and has been the city’s symbol ever since. The bridge is also historically significant as it helped in trade in and out of the country. Today it is a beautiful sight and a popular spot for locals and tourists to spend a nice evening and capture beautiful pictures.

5. Market Square

The market square or the Marktplatz is the focal point of Old Town and one of the top places to see in Basel Switzerland. Here you will find colorful markets selling flowers, food specialties, and fresh local produce. The Basel Rathaus dominates this square with a painted façade. Different wings are comprising this place.

The arcade area is in Late Gothic style; the new wing and the tall tower are 19th-century additions. Make sure to visit the beautiful courtyards. The courtyards have wall paintings dated back to 1608-11 originals. The clocks are all dated back to the building’s origins as workpieces by Master Wilhelms in 1511 to 1512. 

6. Gate of Spalen

The gate of Spalen or the Spalentor marks the end of the Old Town. The gate originally was a part of the old town walls and had been standing alone after the destruction in 1866. A 19th century letterbox with an emblem of the Basel pigeon sits on the left side of this gate.

The church closest to the gate that is the Peterskirche was rebuilt around the 15th century. The vaulting in the choir of the church, however, dates back to the 14th century. 

7. Tinguely Fountain

In 1977, Basel got this new landmark when Jean Tinguely positioned unique and amusing sculpture machines in a big pool of water where the old city theatre’s stage was located earlier.

This Swizz artist poured black asphalt into a shallow basin and then placed the water-sprouting, power-operated objects inside it. 

There is a total of nine iron sculptures that are in motion constantly and even “talk” to each other like the actors, mimers, and dancers did in that very spot. 

8. Basler Münster

The Basler Munster sits on the highest point on Minster Hill that offers several adventurous things to do in Basel Switzerland. It can be easily spotted because of its bright patterned roof tiles and prominent spires. This was previously a Roman fort. It is a very spacious and elegant 18th-century square.

The tombs beside the choir date back to the 10th or 13th century, they also contain excellent Romanesque frieze. The ceilings depict the life of the Virgin and scenes from other themes of the Testament. This is a beautiful double cloister from the 15th century.

9. Old Town

The Old Town is the most popular part of Basel, and it sits between the river and the Spalentor, which is the city gate. The old town is quite atmospheric with medieval churches, stone streets, painted fountains, and maintained old homes. Basel introduces you to the most whimsical and modern fountain by Jean Tinguely in the middle of old historic houses.

What’s next?

You can take the two-hour walking tour, which will take you to explore old parts, and a knowledgeable guide and locals will tell you about the significance and history of various places. The tour will also take you around the most spectacular locations you wouldn’t want to miss in the Old Town. The above-mentioned top things to do in Basel Switzerland will definitely add an element of spice to your tour. Once you know what to do in Basel, you can plan your itinerary with perfection.

If you are planning to explore adventurous places to visit in Switzerland then don’t forget to check our other travel guides.

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