Best Waterfalls To Visit In India

Don’t we all agree on ‘No beauty better than nature’? We are blessed with having varied amounts of natural hidden gems in countries like India which reveal so much about nature-  from withered deserts to green forests, from quiet rivers to roaring oceans, from snowy mountains to beautiful valleys. Waterfalls in India are one of them.

There are some best waterfalls to visit in India, which can take your breath away with their charm and beauty. For convenience we have categorized these from north to south:

Waterfalls to visit in North India:

1. Bhagsunag Waterfalls (Himachal Pradesh)

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions and waterfall in India. Popularly known as Bhagsu Falls, which is a famed tourist attraction of Bhagsunag Temple of Lord Shiva. The temple built in the 18th century and it is a notable site for Hindus. It situated near Mcleodganj main square.

2. Kempty falls (Uttarakhand)

Assembled by a British officer to organize parties, Kempty falls can be called an Artificial waterfall. It is the most crowded and visited places in India, which is well known for its milky waterfalls at a height of 40 ft. It is located at approx 15km distance from Mussoorie and people love to visit during summers- from June to October.

3. Bhimlat Falls (Rajasthan)

The sense of relief from the humid weather of Bundi, the 60m high waterfall is situated 35 km away from Chittor road in Rajasthan. According to the folk tales, during the time of Mahabharat, Bheem thrashed the ground using his leg to generate the fall to kill the thirst of her mother Kunti. Therefore, the place is called Bhimlat. The place is literally treated to your eyes. Visitors love to travel between June and September when a monsoon hits the place.

Waterfalls to visit in Central India:

4. Dhuandhar waterfalls (Madhya Pradesh)

Over the river Narmada, Dhuandhar falls are situated in Jabalpur, which is one of the top tourist attractions and best waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh India. People are traveling worldwide witnessing the view of white marble turns yellow during sunset. Apart from this, travelers love to shop marbles, experiencing both side view of falls on a cable car, and also riding a boat to make their day worthy and memorable. The ideal time to visit there is between September to March, when the weather is quite dry. Transportation can easily available and accessible.

5. Hundru waterfalls (Jharkhand)

With a height of 320ft, Hundru falls assembled in the course of the Subarnarekha River. It is the highest waterfall in the state-Ranchi and the favorite picnic spot for the locals. The waterfalls have a breathtaking view. Due to the continuous falling of water, the formation of different rocks takes place which enhances the beauty of the falls. Moreover, trekking around the falls is the favorite thing to do especially for adventure lovers. The newbie can easily access the transport by train, bus, or even by cabs.

6. Chitrakoot waterfalls (Chhattisgarh)

On the course of the Indravati river, nature surprises you with its scenic beauty. Chitrakoot falls gives you foreign vibes in the budget of domestic. The falls are 300 meters high also known as Indian Niagara. The roar of the falls is super powerful yet the view is extremely soothing and harmonious. Local boaters give you the view of sunrise over the flora of Jagdalpur. Chitrakoot falls sarcastically connected through 2-3 buses in a day. Those scruffy buses are the spirit of Jagdalpur departs from Agrasen tri square and usually take 2 hours to lead you to the falls.

7. Elephant waterfalls (Meghalaya)

The falls are found in one of the seven sisters of India- Meghalaya, which is the land of spectacular beauty. British people named this falls when the earthquake hit the place and formed elephant shape like a stone at the bottom, in the late 18th century and now the local population denotes the falls with ‘Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew’ which signifies ‘The three-step waterfalls’ as the falls consist three layers in the stream. The magnificent view of falls sited approx 12km from Shillong and nominated as the best place to visit in the state. Apart from trekking, the falls have a picked view of photography too. Well, the falls are unrolled for all year round, but the view is more attractive right after the monsoon, as the waterfalls at its fullest and the panorama made the experience unforgettable.

Waterfalls to visit in South India:

8. Kune Waterfalls (Maharashtra)

The romantic falls lie in between Khandala and Lonavala. To experience this majestic view, a large number of people visit daily, in which most are couples. This 622m high waterfall located 94 km from Mumbai and 70 km to Pune. Surrounded by green lush forests, the highest fall out of the three-layered fall, started from 100m. People visit most in the monsoon month, to take a bath and swim in the waterfall.

9. Dudhsagar waterfalls (Goa)

The heartthrob beauty of ‘Dhudhsagar falls’ explains by the name itself- The sea of milk. It is an illusion of milk showering from a height of 1017ft into the water lake. The falls have their charm during the monsoons. The falls located in Sanguem taluka of Goa and comes under the authority of the Goa Forest Department since it is a segment of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Also,  there is a story behind the lake that a beautiful princess who was the daughter of the king of ghats used to bathe in the falls. After the bath, she drank a jug of milk which embellished with precious metals and gold. So, it is said that the falls maintain the modesty of the princess hence, the falls called ‘Dudhsagar’

10. Talkona waterfalls (Andhra Pradesh)

At a distance of 8km to Tirupati temple, the glorious cascade with the height of 270ft falling from the top of the hill, straight into the valley. During the monsoon, people are coming to witness the eternal beauty of the falls. Surrounded by lushes and forests this falls is not only the best waterfall of Andra only, but the most visited falls near Banglore also. Accommodation and transportation are easy to access and reach conveniently. To experience this immense beauty, one extra day to Talkona falls should be a must to the people, visiting Tirupati.

11.Kunchikal Waterfalls (Karnataka)

India’s highest waterfall with a height of 1493ft flows down on the course of river Varahi. The blanket of greenery truly enhances the beauty of this waterfall, which can mesmerize anyone. Several other waterfalls also participated in Kunchikal, which adds more elegance and charm to the place. The powerful hydroelectric plant assembled under the waterfall generates a high voltage of electricity. Kunchikal waterfalls are listed in the 116th highest waterfall in the world which makes them more special and curious to visit. The ideal time to visit here during the monsoon when the boundless flow of water slides out of the falls is a scene to experience.

12. Athirapally Waterfalls (Kerala)

With a height of 80ft, Athirapally falls are also known as Bahubali waterfalls. The eternal beauty of the cascade surrounded by the verdant foliage, listed as the highest waterfall of Kerala. Situated 60km from Thrissur district. Travelers love to do trekking and can see some of the endangered hornbill species in Jungle Safari. The couple can enjoy their honeymoon in resorts near the falls. The location is the perfect mixture of peace and pleasure.

What’s next?

The above list of Indian waterfalls will definitely help you to find out some excitement in life. If you are looking for famous tourist attractions in India then don’t forget to check our India travel guides.

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