Best Old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan, home to a national historic site San Juan consists of buildings from the 16th century. Located on a narrow and small island, rich in art, history, and color and at the same time is home to many Puerto Rico restaurants. Old San Juan can be explored on foot, admiring the vintage churches and Spanish forts.

Old San Juan is a cosmopolitan city where one can find dishes preserving the traditions of Caribbean cuisine and Puerto Rican. If you are a visitor to Old San Juan you would want to hangout at the most popular Old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico with a beautiful seaside atmosphere. These restaurants serve the best and the freshest food.

Restaurants at Old San Juan are some of the best places to taste the culinary delight, made by well-known chefs and cooks. Listed below are some of the Best Old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico that offer authentic Puerto Rican food you would never want to miss.

Best Old San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico

El Jibarito

The locals of San Juan say El Jibarito is family-owned and one of the Best San Juan Restaurants pr for authentic food. The ambiance of the restaurant is completely traditional with bright colors. It is influenced by the African, Spanish, and Indian cultures. The restaurant is famous for making the best mofongo, a dish that is a combination of fried green plantains that has garlic and crackling pork rinds.

With its striking décor, the food at El Jibarito is not costly and full of flavor and aroma. Located in Twin Cities El Jibarito serves delicious dishes from the homeland. The restaurant has something to eat for everyone. Stop at El Jibarito and taste the authentic and traditional flavors of Puerto Rico.

PrincesaCocina y Cultura

The very first Gastobar to open in Old San Juan, which specializes in craft traditional dishes with a combination of Caribbean and international flavors. One of the best San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico that offers a robust cocktail menu. PrincesaCocina y Cultura, formerly PrincesaGastrobar, consists of an open terrace surrounded by magical trees. Princesa is a charming old San Juan restaurant whose dishes are inspired by the Puerto Rican recipes of 1800.

Princesa chooses its menu that includes local ingredients. The seafood of PrincesaCocina is always fresh. Assure a relaxing time with your family in a calm environment surrounded by trees. There is also a rum bar located with its island specialties.


One of the famous Old San Juan Restaurants pr, known for its attention to detail. The dishes mentioned on its international menu are all locally sourced and are pasture-raised and hormone-free. We recommend you try the tiny white bean soup which is made using truffle oil, scallions, and pancetta dust. It is one of the restaurants that compete with the best dining in any of the major metropolitan food.

Do visit Marmalade located in the heart of Old San Juan and hand over yourself in the capable hands of the chef to have a tasty menu. You can even decorate your fest using the la carte menu that combines with wine pairings from the well-stocked cellar of Marmalade.

1919 Restaurant

The food of the 1919 restaurant is not only from the farm to the table but it is from the ocean to the table. The restaurant is blended with a rich experience of world-class dining with the added flavors of local ingredients. The menu of 1919 by chef Juan Jose Cuevas comprises of all sophisticated items like crispy grain salad and braised veal cheeks. 1919 is located in front of a beach enchanting the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel.

1919 is a famous place to celebrate life, eat, meet, and drink together. 1919 is famous for its award-winning delicious la carte menu. Relax in the lounge bar with your friend and have a coffee, or sip a cocktail on the terrace. There is ample space to enjoy the good food, good company, and the stunning views nearby the restaurant.

St. Germain Restaurant

A special place to have your lunch or brunch is located in the Old San Juan. St. Germain is one of the budget-friendly San Jan Restaurants in Puerto Rico that has a French county vibe. It is one of the few restaurants in Puerto Rico that offers vegan items on their menu along with meat eaters. St. Germain is a casual restaurant with solid wines along with an open and bright ambiance that forces its guests to fall in love with the surrounding.

You will love to eat the freshly baked quiche with abundant salads, gourmet sandwiches, and pizzas that are creatively made.

La Factoria

Know as the best Secret Bar, La Factoria anchors Calle San Sebastian, one of the party streets in Puerto Rico. It is quite difficult to find La Factoria as it has no signs. Famous for its cocktail bar, La Factoria is listed among the Best 50 Bars in the world. It is known as the secret bar as the surprise not only ends with the lack of a sign, but the unmarked location of La Factoria has secret passages to 6 bars with all-new drink menus. A bar that is completely different and out of its way.

La Factoria is the only bar in Latin America and has also been nominated for the TOTC Spirited Award.

Cayo Caribe

A place where seafood and creole are top listed on the menu, located nearby the harbor. Every seafood of Cayo Caribe is received fresh from their local fishermen to make some of the famous dishes of Old San Juan like paella, fish tacos or stews. The menu also lists some vegetarian items. Searching for a Budget San Juan restaurant in Puerto Rico, here you come to Cayo Caribe.

Hang out or go for a casual dinner, the restaurant has a lively and relaxed atmosphere. Every dish of Cayo Caribe has a combined balance of sour, salty, and even, this includes even the desert. Next time if you wish to have best the mofongo of San Juan with lobster, Cayo Caribe offers a unique home-cooked cuisine of Puerto Rican at the finest.

Cocina Abierta

Cocina Alberta is inspired by the Puerto Rican recipes of 1800. The name of the Restaurant describes itself as Open Kitchen. Yes, with its open kitchen, you can not only watch the expert chefs craft their delicacies to hit your plate, but the menu of CocinaAbierta will also take you to an open-minded approach with sourcing flavors from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.

This famous restaurant is located in the heart of Condado which is close to many hotels of San Juan. The menu has all the local ingredients and also helps to promote PRoduce a local app that allows the locals of Puerto Rico to buy stuff from the farm to the table.

La Central by Mario Pagan

Ignite your place with the multi-sensorial experience of Rum, Fire & Baracoa. Immerse yourself in the roots of Puerto Rico and indulge in the flavors you will love by Chef Mario Pagan as you visit La Central with an unprecedented culinary with a strong feel of the charcoal kitchen. The restaurant gives its visitors a gastronomic experience with its amazing & incomparable atmosphere. An open kitchen concept where one can feel the heat of the charcoal grill from the dining room.

The menu of the restaurant pays homage to the heritage of Puerto Rico as one of the sugarcane producers where the dishes are incorporated with rum and sugarcane. The exquisite menu of La Central is inspired by the essence of rich flavors giving an experience like no other

Limbers de San Juan

Limber got his name from the Spanish pronunciation of the last name of Charles Lindbergh. It is the best place to grab a cold treat as Limbers de is known as one of the cheap San Juan Restaurants in Puerto Rico especially when with kids. Great place to enjoy a non-alcoholic frozen dessert with a nice breezy which is similar to slushie with a variety of flavors. Limbers de is filled up with authentic and local flavors.

Visit Limbers de to explore Old San Juan’s authentic slushie cold drink with a popsicle to it. Take a quick bite of cold and fruity before moving forward to the sightseeing tour.

What’s Next?

As Old San Juan is a great city to go to for a mofongo quest. Listed above are the Top San Juan Restaurants you must visit. Restaurants at Old San Juan are perfect reflection of unique culture that is portrayed in its monuments. San Juan is the perfect choice for travelers as it is known for its natural wonders. The crystal clear beaches of Puerto Rico and the tropical forests are the perfect place for vacations.

The above travel food guide will help you find the best restaurants for culinary Puerto Rican dishes and contemporary restaurants, where the visitors can enjoy their family dinner, casual lunch, breakfast, and even bars where the island’s incredible nightlife can be experienced.

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