Best resorts in Palawan all inclusive

Embark on a journey to paradise with best resorts in Palawan all inclusive, where luxury meets the untouched splendor of nature. From the exceptional villas of Amanpulo to the overwater bungalows of El Nido Resorts, Palawan gives an unforgettable break out for discerning vacationers.

Indulge in gourmand eating, exhilarating water sports, and rejuvenating spa treatments—all seamlessly covered in your live. Discover the epitome of rest and adventure amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Palawan’s best all-inclusive resorts.

Best resorts in Palawan all-inclusive EL Nido

Palawan, especially El Nido, is renowned for its lovely herbal beauty and pristine beaches. Here are some of the best all-inclusive resorts in El Nido, Palawan:

El Nido Resorts – Pangulasian Island

Situated on a private island, this upscale hotel gives costly villas, a pristine beach, and lovely views of Bacuit Bay. It capabilities services inclusive of a spa, infinity pool, water sports activities centers, and numerous dining alternatives.

El Nido Resorts – Miniloc Island

Another gem from El Nido Resorts, Miniloc Island gives rustic yet snug inns in traditional Filipino-fashion cottages. Guests can revel in activities inclusive of snorkeling, kayaking, and island hopping, all protected inside the inn’s bundle.

El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island

Nestled among a lush woodland and a pristine lagoon, Lagen Island Resort gives green hotels in stylish villas and cottages. The motel gives various sports like birdwatching, hiking, and water sports activities, ensuring a memorable stay for guests.

Matinloc Resort

Matinloc Resort gives luxury villas with breathtaking perspectives of the sea. It functions a spa, infinity pool, and water sports facilities. Guests can experience gourmand eating and customized carrier amidst the splendor of Palawan’s landscapes.

Qi Palawan 

This boutique lodge offers a extra intimate experience with expensive villas and suites overlooking the ocean. It affords personalized provider, connoisseur eating, and a variety of activities, such as diving and island hopping.

Best resorts in Palawan Coron all inclusive

Coron, another breathtaking destination in Palawan, is understood for its lovely landscapes, pristine seashores, and rich marine existence. Here are a some of the best resorts in Coron Palawan all inclusive:

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa

Luxurious motels on Bulalacao Island, together with water bungalows and hilltop villas. All-inclusive packages feature food, airport transfers, island hopping, and snorkeling.

Club Paradise Resort

Secluded retreat on Dimakya Island with snug motels, spa, infinity pool, and dining alternatives. All-inclusive applications offer meals, transfers, kayaking, snorkeling, and island excursions.

Busuanga Bay Lodge

Luxury inn overlooking Busuanga Bay. Elegant villas, modern-day amenities, all-inclusive applications with meals, transfers, island hopping, snorkeling, and diving studies.

Sangat Island Dive Resort

Eco-friendly retreat on Sangat Island. Rustic cottages to overwater bungalows, diving possibilities including WWII destroy dives. All-inclusive packages feature food, transfers, and personalized diving packages.

Coral Bay Resort

Rustic charm on Popototan Island. Native-style cottages, awesome diving, and snorkeling spots. All-inclusive programs consist of food, transfers, and get right of entry to to recreational sports and 10 best resorts in Thailand.

Best beach resorts in Palawan all inclusive

Palawan, recognized for its stunning seashores and clear waters, boasts several pinnacle-notch all-inclusive beach motels that offer highly-priced resorts and unforgettable reports. Here are a some of the Best Palawan island resorts with beach with all-inclusive packages:


Pamalican Island’s high-priced Amanpulo offers extraordinary villas and casitas amid lush foliage, complemented by way of connoisseur dining, water sports activities, spa remedies, and impeccable personalised carrier in its all-inclusive programs.

El Nido Resorts – Pangulasian Island

Nestled in Bacuit Bay, Pangulasian Island Resort promises stylish villas, an infinity pool, and various activities like snorkeling and diving, with meals, liquids, and pick out activities covered.

Club Paradise Palawan

Dimakya Island’s Club Paradise Palawan boasts beachfront hotels, eating options, a spa, and recreational sports, all encompassed in its all-inclusive packages providing meals, liquids, and pick activities.

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa

Eco-pleasant luxurious on a non-public island near Coron, presenting villas, a spa, infinity pool, and water sports, with all-inclusive programs protecting food, liquids, and pick activities.

Apulit Island Resort

Overwater cottages and beachfront inns on Taytay Bay, Apulit Island Resort capabilities snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and island hopping, with all-inclusive applications masking meals, liquids, and select activities.

Romantic resorts in Palawan for couples

Palawan gives numerous romantic hotels tailored for couples seeking intimate escapes amidst breathtaking natural splendor. Here are a some top romantic resorts in Palawan for couples:

El Nido Resorts – Miniloc Island

Set within the stunning Bacuit Bay, Miniloc Island Resort gives overwater cottages and beachfront villas, perfect for romantic getaways. Enjoy personal dinners on the seashore, island-hopping tours, and snorkeling adventures.

Pangulasian Island Resort

Another gem in El Nido Resorts’ series, Pangulasian Island is thought for its pristine seashores and luxurious accommodations. Couples can take pleasure in spa treatments, sunset cruises, and candlelit dinners below the stars.


Pamalican Island‘s Amanpulo epitomizes luxurious and seclusion, offering spacious casitas and villas nestled among lush greenery. Couples can experience private seaside picnics, couples’ massages, and sunset sailing tours.

Secret Bay

Located in Puerto Princesa, Secret Bay offers distinctive villas with stunning views of the mangrove forest. Couples can revel in private pool villas, romantic dinners with the aid of the bay, and personalized reviews along with island-hopping and cave explorations.

Flower Island Resort

Situated on a personal island near Taytay, Flower Island Resort gives rustic but captivating inns amidst lush tropical environment. Couples can relax on secluded seashores, cross snorkeling in colourful coral reefs, and experience romantic candlelit dinners.

Cheap resorts in Palawan for families 

Palawan offers a number of affordable hotels suitable for families seeking to experience a memorable holiday with out breaking the financial institution. Here are some budget-friendly options:

Deep Forest Garden Inn

Located in Puerto Princesa, Deep Forest Garden Inn offers snug and inexpensive lodges for families. The hotel capabilities spacious rooms, a swimming pool, and easy get right of entry to to popular sights which include the Underground River.

Casa Kalaw

Situated in El Nido, Casa Kalaw gives charming and affordable cottages surrounded through lush greenery. Families can revel in the resort’s tranquil environment, outdoor swimming pool, and proximity to El Nido’s stunning beaches and islands.

Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort

Nestled in Sabang Beach near Puerto Princesa, Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort offers less expensive beachfront inns best for households. The lodge offers numerous recreational sports, together with snorkeling, kayaking, and island hopping.

Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa

Located in Sabang, Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa offers low cost family-friendly accommodations with get right of entry to to a beautiful seashore and a number services, such as swimming swimming pools, eating places, and spa centers.

Spin Designer Hostel

Situated in El Nido city, Spin Designer Hostel affords finances-pleasant accommodation alternatives for households, including dormitory-style rooms and private circle of relatives rooms. The hostel gives a communal kitchen, lounge location, and tour table for arranging island-hopping journeys and different activities.

5 star all-inclusive resorts in EL Niido Palawan

While El Nido, Palawan, is renowned for its beautiful natural beauty, there are not many genuine “all-inclusive” lodges in the conventional feel. However, several costly 5-star accommodations in El Nido offer comprehensive packages that include accommodations, food, and a few activities. Here are some pinnacle alternatives:

El Nido Resorts – Pangulasian Island

This upscale motel on Pangulasian Island gives expensive villas with stunning ocean views. While no longer strictly all-inclusive, their applications regularly include meals, non-motorized water activities, and guided excursions to close by sights.

El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island

Situated on a non-public island, Lagen Island Resort offers upscale motels amidst lush greenery and limestone cliffs. Their programs may encompass meals and pick out sports together with island-hopping tours and kayaking.

El Nido Resorts – Apulit Island

Apulit Island Resort offers overwater cottages and beachfront villas, providing a secluded paradise for guests. While now not completely all-inclusive, their applications commonly cover meals and some activities like snorkeling and kayaking.

Cauayan Island Resort

Located on Cauayan Island, this costly resort gives personal villas and direct access to a pristine seaside. While no longer strictly all-inclusive, they offer applications that include meals and select sports like island hopping and snorkeling.

Matinloc Resort

Matinloc Resort offers pricey inns with panoramic ocean views and get entry to to non-public beaches. While now not absolutely all-inclusive, they provide programs that encompass food and some activities which include island hopping and snorkeling.

Beach EL Nido Palawan island all inclusive resorts

In El Nido, Palawan, there are numerous island lodges that offer inclusive applications, despite the fact that the time period “all-inclusive” can also vary in its scope. Here are some beach resorts in El Nido that provide inclusive alternatives:

El Nido Resorts – Pangulasian Island

Situated on Pangulasian Island, this lodge offers inclusive packages covering hotels, food, non-motorized water sports activities, and a few guided tours. Guests can experience costly villas and beautiful perspectives of the surrounding islands.

El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island

Lagen Island Resort, located on its namesake island, presents inclusive programs that generally cover resorts, food, and pick out sports such as island hopping, kayaking, and snorkeling.

El Nido Resorts – Apulit Island

Apulit Island Resort gives inclusive packages encompassing resorts, food, and sure sports like snorkeling, kayaking, and island hopping. Guests can live in overwater cottages or beachfront villas.

Cauayan Island Resort

Cauayan Island Resort offers inclusive packages that encompass resorts, meals, and numerous sports along with island hopping, snorkeling, and kayaking. The lodge capabilities luxurious villas with personal seaside get right of entry to.

Matinloc Resort

Matinloc Resort gives inclusive packages protecting accommodations, meals, and choose sports like island hopping, snorkeling, and seashore picnics. Guests can enjoy panoramic ocean views and private seaside get right of entry to.


Unveil the final break out in best resorts in Palawan island all inclusive, where luxury intertwines with herbal wonders. Whether it is Amanpulo’s distinct villas or El Nido Resorts’ overwater bungalows, each promises a unbroken mixture of indulgence and adventure. Prepare to immerse yourself in paradise, wherein every second exceeds expectation.

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