Best Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas to Try

Friends are that family that you choose. Travel is fun when you have your friends with you. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and cherish all the memories. Create as many memories as you wish with your friends.

For that, it is necessary to have a bucket list with various adventures. Do all the meaningful things and go on crazy rides. So here are some of the Best Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas to have an incredible time with your friends.

Take a Beach Trip – Greece

Greece – A word that describes a combination of beaches, fun in the sun, and parties. Mykonos in Greece is one of the known places to do all these things. It is a place where you can spend as much time as you want with affordable hotels, and luxury villas that are at low cost. You can dance until morning at the biggest nightclub known as Paradise Beach.

There are still millions of reasons to visit Greece. Swim in the turquoise waters, explore the underground lakes, explore the history in Athens, sail in the Ionian islands, or go on a road trip across the mainland. It is one of the best places for your best friend bucket list.

Road Trip in Portugal

Portugal is a great adventurous place for a road trip. There are various beautiful things to do here. You can surf through Lagos or Nazare, explore the city of Lisbon, and relax in the Algarve. Portugal is the place to add to your travel bucket list best friend. It is small but the best vacation idea.

The Atlantic Ocean is bordered by Portugal giving a cool summer experience to travelers. The best trip to take is to spend your weekend in Porto. All the foodies enjoy here, especially the Douro Wine. In Portugal, you can plan your stay in Lagos, Faro, or Albufeira. Explore the beaches like Dona Ana, Algar de Benagil, and Odeceixe.

Hiking in Croatia

Summertime calls for an exciting trip to the Balkans in Croatia. Croatia is known for its beauty and is also one of the affordable countries in Europe. Croatia can be the perfect plan for the best bucket list ideas with friends. You can get your meals at the lowest and most affordable cost including vacation rentals and hotels to plan your Mediterranean vacations.

You and your friends can go on exciting excursions like hiking in the Plitvice National Park or take a boat ride to Hvar and the Montenegro Islands. With so many things to discover, Croatia must be on your travel bucket list with friends.

Hot springs in Iceland

Iceland is a destination of dreams for people who love traveling. best known for its hot springs and amazing scenery. The famous Blue Lagoon hot spring is famous in Iceland. The milky blue water makes you feel like a movie and is a must-see travel bucket list ideas. The place is famous for glaciers, black sand beaches, and geysers which makes it the perfect road trip destination.

Unlike any other place which is seasonal, Iceland can be visited any time of the year. During winter you can see the aurora borealis every night, while in summer you can plan for backpacking through the dramatic landscapes. You can go horseriding, chase the waterfalls and eat the local delicacies.

Travel by train in Italy

Italy is a place that pleases every traveler. This destination is located in southern Europe with many beautiful landscapes of the world. Visit Bari in Italy, a place with ancient churches, and cobbled lanes that lead to the seafront. The regional train in Italy will take you to many affordable places to travel around.

You can plan to travel to Naples on an overnight train. Spend some days in the storied cities of Europe and then travel to Florence and Siena. Florence is usually flooded with tourists in the summer. The Museums in Florence are outstanding. In Florence, one can walk and travel thus saving money.

Siena is a small and calm place with a reserved grandeur. Watching the Colosseum should be the Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas for everyone, or in Venice take a gondola. Eat delicious pasta in Puglia. Explore Palermo’s multicultural capital.

Night out in Vegas

When it comes to travel with BFFs, Las Vegas should be a never missed bucket list with friends. The perfect destination for young people. You can plan to gamble, shop, drink, and eat with your best friends here. A place where young adults can live a high life at a cheap rate.

In Vegas, you get free drinks at many casinos and the hotels are cheaphere. A favorite pick for bachelorette parties. Visit the Las Vegas Strip, a giant party that is seen all hours. May you way to the rooftop pool party. One might easily forget to track time here as you are partying here through the night.

Also, known as Sin City, a perfect place to enjoy with friends where drinks never reach a shortage with great music. Test your luck at the casinos like ARIA, Bellagio, and the Palms.

Scuba Dive in Australia

Scuba Diving should be the perfect activity to be done on your travel bucket list for best friends. Traveling in Australia which is one of the 7 wonders of the world, you must visit the Great Barrier Reef which is located on the coast of Queensland.

It is not difficult to understand why Australia should not be missed because of its climate, beach lifestyle, enjoy adventurous road trips, and amazing wildlife. It is a place known as the combination of all.

Skiing in Val D’Isere in France

You will never be short of activities to do in France. Take the French ferratas, taste wine in the French wine regions, go for hiking in the French Alps, or Ski in France at the Val D’Isere. Take a tour of the Christmas Market Road.

There are many adventures to plan your vacation in France that includes surfing in the Hossegor, Visiting the Champagne region, or climbing the Chamonix. People located in the UK, travel by ferry to France. The magical city of Paris is like no other city. Enjoy a day picnic on the lawn located next to the Eiffel Tower.

Beach lovers visit Hawaii

Hawaii is the best place to visit with a best friend who is in love with Beaches. This paradise is full of beaches, beautiful landscapes, and lush forests. Hawaii may be a little more costly than other places, but it is worth every penny that is spent.

Travel through the jungles of Big Island, and visit the untouched island – Molokai. A land of beauty and great diversity. Visit the Hawaii Volcanos National Park, and Tropical Botanical Garden, downhill bike rides at the Kilauea Volcano, and Sail at the high cliffs of Na Pali Coast. One of the must to do things in Hawaii is to drive to the Waimea Canyon, a famous tourist attraction in Kauai. A majestic place where the canyon’s panoramic view can be seen.

Adventurous mountains in Bolivia

A must-go place for backpackers. Bolivia is an affordable place filled with adventure. A place that is a mixture of rich wildlife, mountains, and a merge of diverse cultures can be seen here. Bolivia is dominated by the longest mountain range – the Andes. A perfect place for people who love trekking and hiking.

Visit La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Bolivia is located at about 3500m above sea level, also known as the highest administrative capital. Try the local foods at Mercado Camacho market. Visit the freshwater lake known as Lake Titicaca which is the birthplace of Incas.

The best reason to visit Bolivia is to see the World’s Largest salt flat at 10,000 sq km known as the Salar de Uyuni.

Fun at Disney World

Relive your childhood days with your best friends at Disney World in Orlando. It may be different to visit Disney World as an adult but it will not be less to enjoy as an adult also. Eat your favorite ice cream and candy and enjoy your favorite ride until you have butterflies in your stomach.

Drink and eat at Epcot. Disney World has 4 Theme parks and 2 Water Parks. You don’t require to purchase a ticket to travel using the Disney Monorail. You can visit Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, the Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and the Disney Contemporary Resort.

There are endless adventures to discover at Disney World, Orlando in Florida.

Final Thoughts

There are still many more places and things to explore when it comes to doing with your Friend’s Bucket List. You can plan to explore new cities as cities always have pleasant surprises. Go to places where you have never visited. Watch a music festival or visit a karaoke night.

Make your travel experience fun and memorable with your best friends. Tick the suggestions above, so when you will get old and reminisce the incredible years you have spent together with your best friends you will be able to tick off this list.

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