Best French islands in the Caribbean

If you are looking to enjoy in the sun, under the palm trees and sand, a tropical island will be the best place to travel. However, if you are looking for spectacular natural beauty, you must visit the Magical islands of the French West Indies in the Caribbean.

An American region – the Caribbeans is filled with beautiful islands, stunning landscapes, and unique cultures. A beautiful destination, if you do not even know French but want to know the taste of French and even practice French without traveling to Europe. All you have to do is to travel to these top Caribbean French Speaking Islands.

Top French Speaking Islands in the Caribbean

The French Islands in the Caribbean are not only home to the most beautiful sceneries in the world but also have a huge history of cuisine and culture. Travelers get big value for their vacations. Along with affordable accommodations and dining, the locals of these French Islands always welcome the tourists smilingly.

Some of the best French-speaking Caribbean islands are Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Marting, and St. Barth. These islands are a spot of various attractions and activities that are perfect for every traveler.

Every French Island in the Caribbean has its distinct personality. Below is a list of the best French Islands in the Caribbean.

The Island of Flowers – La Martinique

Martinique is located between Saint Lucia and Dominica. La Martinique gives you a beautiful landscape covering white sand beaches, mangroves, clear water, and lush rainforests. La Martinique is known as one of the best French Caribbean islands you must visit.

Martinique is also known for its culinary traditions. The Creole cuisine of Martinique is a combination of Caribbean and French flavors that pleases every traveler’s palate. The island offers visitors various activities to enjoy like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and hiking in the rainforests. You will love to sail, and go for a boating adventure.

Visitors love to visit the island for its beaches and enjoy a taste of France in the tropics. The famous attractions of Martinique are Les Salines Beach, Fort-de-France, Mount Pelee, Diamond Rock, Caravelle Peninsula Nature Reserve, and many more.

The Butterfly Island – Guadeloupe Archipelago

Guadeloupe is known as a beautiful destination where you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Guadeloupe is known as the Butterfly of the Caribbean Islands as it is known for its beautiful scenery. The island offers everything from rainforests, mountains to coral reefs and white sand beaches. The coastline of the island is bordered by palm-fringed beaches. The interior of the island has an active volcano, mountains with waterfalls, and hot springs.

Guadeloupe is rich in French and Creole heritage. The heritage of the island reflects in its language, culture, and food. It is the perfect destination for visitors to the Caribbean islands that speak French. The infrastructure of Guadeloupe Island is well-developed. Travelers love to explore the towns and villages here., Guadeloupe is the perfect destination for every traveler.

The Friendly Island – St. Martin Island

St. Martin Island is one of the best French Caribbean Islands you must visit. St. Martin Island is divided into two parts – The southern Dutch part, St. Martin, and the Northern French part. The island is well known for its secluded coves and beautiful beaches. It is a home for every traveler as it comes with style under budget.

Tourists fond of playing golf will fall in love with the championship courses here. The island has many French-speaking restaurants. Tourists can explore many landmarks like the Loterie Farm. Famous activities like Jet Skiing, Sailing, Parasailing, Off-Road ATV Tours, Paddleboarding, and many other adventures.

Visit St. Martin Island as it is the home to iguanas. A memorable destination for every traveler looking for a balance between adventure and relaxation.

Luxurious Island – St. Barth

St. Barthelemy Island is a captivating and the best French islands in the Caribbean. St. Barth is specifically known for hosting its visitors with warm hospitality and stunning natural beauty. A lovely destination with all-white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water discovering the vibrant marine life of the island.

St. Barth is a blend of Caribbean and French elegance. The beautiful island is famous for its private villas and luxurious villas filled with greenery. The island has a European atmosphere. The Island comprises of eight small villages, featuring many restaurants, shops, and bars. The restaurants here offer continental delicacies.

Various activities offered by the island are kayaking, surfing, fishing, sailing, and kitesurfing. Tourists admire the different species of fish in the marine reserve. A perfect bucket list destination for every traveler. The island is influenced by French, Creole, and English speakers and is also known as the best Caribbean French-speaking country. Escape to paradise by visiting St. Barth Island.

A precious emerald – La Desirade Island

La Desirade Island is one of the best Caribbean French Islands with turquoise waters. The island beckons travelers with its beautiful ambiance and natural beauty. You can take a boat ride from the Guadeloupe island.

La Desirade island follows a simple way of living that allows its visitors to immerse in the rich culture and experience the warm hospitality of the locals. The unique landmark of the island is Pointe Double lighthouse which is a memory is the maritime heritage of the island.

La Desirade reconnects with nature and invites its visitors to embrace its simplicity and a place of peace. Travelers can relax on the beautiful beaches of the island, do boating excursions, shop from the local artisan’s workshops, and also learn traditional crafts. You can take a boat tour of the complete island.

The Sparkling water island – Marie Galante

Marie Galante is one of the famous islands from the best French Caribbean territories. This French island is known for its sparkling waters, which amaze its visitors with their captivating and unspoiled charm. The island offers a sanctuary of beauty that is different.

A picture beach island that has soft sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. The island’s best treasure is the iconic Bezard windmill. The windmill stands tall featuring the island’s rich history. Visitors experience the culinary delights or take a sip of the rum cocktails.

The island’s locals are friendly and welcome the visitors with their warm hospitality. Travelers can visit the rum distilleries and taste the local rum. It is affordable to rent a cycle or scooter to explore the entire island. The ideal place for hiking and you cannot leave the island without trying its cane rum juice which is now made by the distilleries of Poisson, Bielle, and Bellevue.

The Heart of the Caribbean Sea – Les Saintes

Les Saintes should be a must-visit French Caribbean island if you love to explore the serene ambiance and alluring charm of the Caribbean Sea. The French Island is tucked as a pearl in the Caribbean Sea. It is huge about 12.8 km2. Visitors explore the breathtaking view of the island and the beautiful sea from Sugarloaf also known as Pain de Sucre.

The Sugarloaf is a famous tourist attraction on the island. The landmark is formed by rocks that arise from the crystal clear water that takes the shape of sugarloaf. The other unique landmark of Les Saintes Island is Fort Napoleon. This historic place has its significance.

Travelers love to enjoy the island’s seafood. The island will give a lasting memory of the Caribbean islands. Explore the charming nearby villages of the island or enjoy the water sports like jet skiing. Relax at the beachside restaurants with your family.

Reasons to Visit French-Speaking Caribbean Islands

If you are looking for what Caribbean islands speak French or the best islands to visit in the Caribbean islands. We have got this covered. There are many reasons to visit the Caribbean islands from the lush beauty to the stunning beaches. The above list of French islands in the Caribbean is the perfect destination that is a blend of French culture and picturesque scenery.

  • The islands are affordable and easy to travel around.
  • You can visit France without going to Europe.
  • The Caribbean islands are every traveler’s dream destination.
  • You can surf through various adventures here like snorkeling and diving.
  • Caribbean islands have deep roots in music.
  • Enjoy French cuisine and not fly to Europe also.
  • Visit the first World Slave Trade Museum
  • Visit powdery soft sand beaches


Whatever type of vacation you want, these must-visit French Caribbean islands offer the best getaway for you. This ultimate list you should not miss on your next holiday. These French islands are the ideal destination if you are looking for an adventure-filled vacation or beach vacation, or if you just want to relax under the tropical weather of the islands and watch the stunning landscapes, these islands have something for everyone.

Enjoy a variety of water and land sports and taste the traditional spicy Creole and French cuisine. Also, you don’t need to fly to Europe to speak French, visit the above French-speaking countries in the Caribbean islands and practice the language skills.

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