Most Popular Bimini Beaches you must visit

Searching for a perfect destination in Bahamas along the beach getaway? Your search ends here. Bimini Beaches – the Island paradise of the Bahamas. In Bimini have fun under the sun with white sand beaches and crystal clear water. The Bahamas is famous for its tropical islands and cays.

It consists of a chain of more than 700 islands making the Bahamas a sea-dwelling country between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Let’s read out to know more about many interesting things to know about Bimini Beaches.

Things to Know about Bimini Beaches

You must be wondering where are Bimini Beaches? The beautiful beaches are located in the Out Islands of the Bahamas, around the east of Miami. The natural beauty of the Bimini beaches makes them the top destination with many activities to do at Bimini Beachlike fishing, kayaking, and even dolphin spotting. Satisfy all your vacation needs in the Bahamas.

Bimini has recently been in search of the tourist radar, thus it is less crowded. The best time to visit Bimini beaches is either April or November. Sometimes it also depends on the activities you want to engage in. Like, Diving is best between December and March.

Bimini Island is made up of two islands touching each other, the North and the South Bimini Island. The capital of Bimini is Alice Town which is located in North Bimini Island. The overall population of Bimini Island is not more than 2000.

Top Things To Do in Bimini Beaches

If you are in Bimini at the Bahamas, think of a Beach Day. There are many free beaches in Bimini. Rent a cabana and enjoy the best food, bars, pool, and beach. Known as the fishing capital of the World, Bimini is home to about 40 species of sharks. Bimini is the home to Biological Field Station. This is done in partnership with Save our Seas Foundation. The educational lab is not open to the public but a tour can be done.

Some of the Bimini beaches things to do are like the Fountain of Youth, the Bimini Road, Dolphin House Museum, Bimini Wahoo Mayhem – one of the biggest fishing tournaments, end your days of fun with the best nightlife of Bimini, Water sports, and buy the best souvenirs to take home from the Bimini Craft Center and visit the Best restaurants in Bimini.

Are Bimini Beaches Safe?

Worried about Safety. Generally, Bimini Beaches are safe. But some crime reports are registered in the area. Additionally, Bimini is also known to be home to a large group of bull sharks, so one has to be careful while diving in the Big Game Marina. The white sand and crystal clear waters can be safely enjoyed.

Bimini with its various historical attractions, activities, and natural sights can keep anyone busy on the islands. Visiting the beaches can be fun with few precautions.

Why you should visit Bimini Beaches?

Are Bimini beaches worth visiting? Yes, Bimini Beaches are the best because of their beauty and seclusion. The crystal clear blue water of the Bimini beaches will give you an unforgettable experience. Feel like a paradise when you walk on the white sand under the sun. The Bahamas has the best bimini beaches to visit where the tourist can enjoy water sports, fishing, and much more.

Best Places to visit near Bimini Beach

Being a small island, there are some of the best Bimini beach hotels. Make sure to do your booking in advance during the Bimini fishing tournaments as they fill up. Do thorough research on the best Bimini beach resorts to enjoy the beach with no waste of time travel. Some of the Top Things to do in Bimini Beach are :

  • Paradise Point: This is known as the best place to visit for water activities and stunning views. Enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, or snorkeling.
  • Old Bahama Bay Resort: Looking for Luxury, then this is a one-stop place. The Old Bahama Bay Resort & the Yacht Harbour has many fantastic amenities which includes white sand beaches, a complete service marina, and two championship golf course.
  • Home to Wildlife: The South Bimini Nature Reserve includes turtles, stingrays, and dolphins. Explore the day with the island’s trails and even swim with the fish.
  • Adventure: The Big Game Fishing Club is the home to adventure in Bimini to experience unique deep-sea fishing.
  • Bull Run: The most popular attraction of Bimini Beach is the Bimini Bull Run. Visitors can explore the ocean’s depth and at the same time view the majestic and dangerous creatures of the planet known as Sharks.
  • Search for the Best Bimini Beach Clubs: This is the best way to end your day in Bimini is to take a dip in the pool with refreshing cocktails.

List of Bimini Beaches in the Bahamas

Radio Beach

Radio Beach is one of the top Bimini Beaches you must visit. Magnificently known for its crystal clear and turquoise water which includes aquatic life like turtles, corals, and even dolphins. Visit Radio Beach during winter as the weather here is dry and warm. Radio Beach is home to many legendary histories like the Fountain of Youth and the Lost City of Atlantis. Since it’s an urban beach it has all the public facilities like vendors, snack bars, and toilets. Also, it is never crowded.

Porgy Bay Beach

Located in North Bimini in Bailey town, this little beach is secluded. Perfect spot to spend some time with yourself or a loved one. The best place for sunbathing with a magnificent sunset. People who love adventure can take part in various activities like paddle boarding, fishing, and kayaking. Explore the caves here with a boat. With many resorts nearby enjoy many facilities like a gym, spa, and also a private beach. This beach has something for everyone whether you are looking for a beach holiday to relax or go for an adventurous trip.

Tiki Hut Beach

Tiki Hut Beach gives its visitors a quiet atmosphere. You can spend your entire day swimming in the turquoise water. The beach is an ideal place to stay away from a busy life. The Tiki Hut Beach is known amongst those visitors who are looking for a natural backdrop. Enjoy the wildlife and the coral reefs, explore the mangroves, bird watch, and also play watersports. You can learn everything about Bimini beaches with its ancient history and cultural heritage.

Bimini Myrtle Beach

The Bimini Myrtle Beach is one of the Best Bimini beaches one must visit when on a trip to the Bahamas. This is the best place to spend an entire day fishing. Famously known for fishing in the world. Plan your day with adventurous activities like snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and swimming. Visit the historical site of Alice Town to the Big Game Fishing with fantastic places to shop, and eat. If you want a relaxing day on the beach visit the Bimini Myrtle Beach.

Blister Beach

Blister Beach is also known as Bimini Bay Beach. The best spot for swimming. The favorite pastime visitors have here is snorkeling. If you are a lover of underwater, this is the place for you. Explore your dream here during your visit to the Bahamas. Blister Beach is mostly visited by the locals.

Spook Hill Beach

Spook Hill Beach is one of the best beaches of Bimini Beach located in North Bimini. It neighbors another popular beach known as Radio Beach surrounded by tall palm trees and flowers. The beach is filled with snow-white sand which is as soft as talc. Complimenting the place is the quiet sea which is enchanting because of its blue water. The special feature of Spook Hill Beach is that there are no high waves in the water. Safe for swimming even for children.

Above are some of the best places to visit near Bimini Beach. Besides, you can even swim with Dolphins and it is their natural habitat. The Dolphin Safari can be a lifetime experience. Those braver can also experience the Hammerhead Shark Safari.

The Dolphin House

Visit the Dolphin House built by Ashley Saunders. It is a unique masterpiece made up of natural shells and beach glass.

SS Sapona Bimini ShipwrecK

A German cargo ship that went underground due to a storm in 1926. The ship was carrying coal and was hit by a reef and water started to get into it. The crew managed to escape the ship, but the ship sank.

Final Thoughts on Bimini Beaches

Bimini – Known for its blue clear water and white beaches. Bimini a home of many marine life, makes it the best destination for swimming, snorkeling, or diving. Tourists of Bimini enjoy their day relaxing under the sun and exploring the reefs and shipwrecks, Bimini has become the ideal destination for a vacation.

You can plan a day to visit the best beach destination of the Bahamas. A perfect place to spend your vacation and explore plenty of beaches, adventures, activities and discover attractions.

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