Best Places To Visit in Manali

If you’re on a solo trip looking for inner harmony, a backpack exploration tour with the best friends or a vacation tour with your partner, Manali and its mountains won’t stop fascinating. The mountain city has flourished in hiking heart heaven and has many artistic jewels rare in this region of the world. And the cost-effective Hotels in Manali will provide you with a glimpse of the area’s elegance when taking care of your accommodations. If you are planning to explore Himachal Pradesh, well here are the best places to visit in Manali:

Hidimba devi temple:

Maharaja Bahadur Singh founded this historic sanctuary and it became one of the best places to see in Manali. The temple was built, as its names imply, to Hidimba Devi, Bheema’s wife. The wooden temple design is very different from other Hindu temples found in the region. Some other shrines devoted to the Ghatotkacha son of Hidimba Devi are in the house. The temple is among the top locations to tour Manali places to visit, flanked by dense cedar trees and snow-covered mountains that serve as background.

Solang valley:

Solang Nala is a fast stone’s throw from Manali, a small valley situated at about 8400 ft above ocean level. You will experience your talents on a couple of skis or go snowmobiling, and you are the sanctuary for adventure and the lovers of sports.  Whenever the weather gets warmer, they flock to paragliding and activities like zorbing. You can even climb on a cable car and experience fantastic Himalayan views. If you are hunting for top things to do in Manali and sport on the ice, winter is the perfect time to come and summertime is great for other forms of adventure.

Hampta pass trek:

The Hampta Pass Trek is popular for the astonishing view of the Himachal Pradesh valleys of Lahaul and Kullu. For years, the ever-changing landscape was inspiring thrill-seekers. The trek provides a wonderful view of some of the valley’s hidden treasures, lakes and alps woodland. Certainly, the flora and fauna of the Himalayas add greatly to this fifteen-day trip. The adventure takes you to the magnificent mountains of the Pir Panjal and the mighty Himalayas. Hampta Pass journey from Manali, in Himachal Pradesh, offers you the chance to encounter this stuffed-in-one experience-filled trip. Hampta Pass is at a height of 14,039 feet on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas, isolating two differentiating and delightful valleys of Kullu and Spiti. Hampta pass lying at 14000 feet, interfaces Kullu valley, which is acclaimed for its waterways, knolls, pine trees, and glades with water streams streaming, beginning from Manali to Spiti valley’s fruitless desert shrouded in snow for the vast majority of the year. Travelers will encounter two differentiating scenes in India’s delightful experience capital, Himachal Pradesh. The path to Hampta Pass is one of the acclaimed and reasonable trips for fledglings in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, giving shocking perspectives at Lahaul, Kullu, and Spiti Valley.

The greatest months to do Hampta pass journey are June and July is you love the snow as the gnawing chilly climate can give you definitive chills. Encountering snowfall at hampta pass in June with temperatures tumbling to nearly – 15 degrees is a treat for some. The motivation behind why Hampta pass is renowned for journeying is snow; the pass has single amount snow, which attracts more sightseers in June and July. Assume you are not an aficionado of chilly climate and need to encounter a green scene with bunches of greenery, the sound of streams, and waterway spouting, at that point you should plan to go in July mid up till October first week. October gets new snowfall on the Hampta pass journey, making it unavailable till June one year from now. Shepherds generally acquire their sheep for munching this pass for its extraordinary high height meadows during summers you can try manali to leh bike trip also.

Bhrigu lake Trek:

The melting glaciers are forming clear Bhrigu Lake. A road from Gulaba to Rola Kholi moves into beautiful cities, apple groves, rustic villages and icy swimming pools. Gulaba, and Pandu Ropa are sightseeing tours that let you know the children’s story of the beautiful landscape. No wonder, the lake has become one of the top tourist attractions of Manali all around the year.

Jogini Falls:

A fast and vigorous pilgrimage far from Manali’s main city is the hilly cascades of Jogini Falls. The waterfall path is beautiful to show you the Beas and the snow-covered mountains of Rohtang. The route takes you to the waterfall. Across the bottom lake, one can also explore several old sanctuaries, besides the peaceful atmosphere, Jogini is also an essential pilgrimage site. An early jump to this scenic natural place is suggested, which is also one of Manali’s popular hiking and picnic areas.

Arjun cave:

Near the bustling Beas river, the Arjun cave is connected to a mythical tale from the Hindu tale Mahabharata. Arjun, one of the siblings of Pandava, inflected here according to the legend. Arjun Cave is among the best places to visit near Manali for a picnic, with an incredible location on the mountains and the nearby valleys. There are two of the main sights close to the grotto, the Kunt Bhayo Lake and the Kunti Mata Temple.

Beas River:

This River is one of the popular tourist spots for you on many of the Manali journeys in the city. The Vashisht village is among the best locations in the valley area to experience a fantastic view when you come up to the turquoise water of Kothi. The Beas is a center for aquatic activities such as boating, kayaking including some of the most thrilling rivers in the village of Pridi.

Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art

To those that want to have a look at the customs and rich local folklore of the district, you can stop quickly at the Himachal Museum of Culture and Folk Art. A selection of costumes used for fest celebrations, western clothes and musical instruments are some of the displays. This small but cultural site still has ancient buildings and temples.

Great Himalayan National Park

The Greater Himalayan National Park is a National Historic Landmark and is considered as one of the top tourist attractions in Manali and its neighboring regions. There are several uncommon species within the park, including trees, mammals and birds. There are many colonies of the Himalayan Tahr and bears, as well as the rare snow leopard is the dominant species here. The wildflowers and glaciation valleys that dot the whole territory are captured by filmmakers or photographers.

What’s next?

The above-mentioned top places to visit in Manali and the best things to do in Manali will definitely add an element of spice to your tour. Now you know what to do in Manali, you can plan your journey without hesitation. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Shimla then don’t forget to check our other travel guides.

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