Can We Travel During Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar Eclipse is an astronomical event that includes the sun, moon, and earth. The lunar eclipse is also appertained to as Chandra Grahan. A lunar eclipse is a result of the movements of the moon, sun, and earth.

In 2023, the lunar eclipse was observed on May 05. The lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth places itself between the Sun and the Moon. A shadow of the earth is observed on the surface of the moon.

What is Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth moves between the sun and the moon by shifting their positions. The earth’s shadow is observed on the moon, leading to a dark effect. There are three types of lunar eclipses that occur, total eclipse, partial eclipse, and penumbral eclipse.

The lunar eclipse is observed and recorded for years. It has been a source of fascination to many people around the world. Lunar Eclipse is also related to spiritual significance in many cultures. It is also said that negative energies are released during a Lunar eclipse and it is advisable to avoid many important activities during this time.

Can we travel during a lunar eclipse?

One should not travel during the lunar eclipse. But still, you can travel during the lunar eclipse with certain precautions. Travel with the right planning and preparation. Do your required research to find a safe location, so that you can view the eclipse. With proper planning, you will enjoy watching the spectacular sight of the lunar eclipse creating memories of a lifetime.

If you are driving during solar eclipse, it is advisable to wear protective eye gear and always try to stay off the road that is at the peak of the eclipse. Be more cautious if you are travelling by boat as the rolling ocean waters might make your journey difficult.

Is it good to travel during a solar eclipse?

It will be a wonderful experience to travel during a solar eclipse. Start with doing the required research. People who are in vulnerable conditions like pregnant women and people who have eye problems or physical conditions are advised to stay indoors. For those traveling, always park your car at a distance to watch the eclipse. Make sure to wear your eclipse glasses while you watch the event.

Is it safe to travel during a solar eclipse?

It is scientifically proven, that the solar eclipse affects the human body. Listed below are some of the common side-effects:

  • Feeling tired or dizzy is a common sign of the solar eclipse effect. Sometimes, it also affects the human with the power of decision-making. Thus, it is good to stay indoors for safety reasons.
  • Some people might face digestion problems. People who already have digestive conditions should not travel outside during a solar eclipse.
  • Some people might face psychological symptoms like unusual dreams or agitation.
  • When driving during a solar eclipse, it is suggested to keep the lights on even during the day. This will avoid any unforeseeable incidents.

How often does a Solar eclipse happen?

A solar eclipse is created when the moon travels between the sun and the earth. The moon obstructs the sun’s light to reach the Earth. This happens because of the orbital motion of these bodies, as the moon’s orbit tilts towards the earth’s orbit. The average time between two eclipses is 18months.

The occurrence of the eclipse depends on the type of eclipse also. A solar eclipse occurs very rarely. Solar eclipse occurs twice a year and the length of time is very close. Partial Solar eclipse occurs frequently and occurs four to five times a year in some regions.

Can we travel during a solar eclipse?

The biggest risk you might face during a solar eclipse is damaging your eye permanently. You will have to follow all the guidelines to view the solar eclipse through heavily tinted glass. These glasses are specially designed to view the solar eclipse. Even strong simple glasses will not be sufficient to protect your eyes from this risk.

If you are flying during solar eclipse, you will have to take extra care not to look at the sun directly if you are seating near a window. The airlines though will take care to operate during the time of eclipse by either traveling during the night and will follow protective measures during the takeoff, or might even delay some time until the eclipse passes away.

During the eclipse, the visual elements of the sky darken. Pilots might expect nighttime landing conditions during the time of totality. They should be vigilant and make sure that the airport lighting and the other nighttime visual aids have been turned on during this eclipse time.

On the roads, it is expected to have traffic jams as people drive to the eclipse observation spots. Many usually pause their daily routine for safety.

Safety Measures for Traveling during a Solar Eclipse

Can we go out during the solar eclipse? Definitely Yes, but you will have to follow the safety measures and go with appropriate planning. Below given are some of the tips to follow when traveling during an eclipse.

  • Know the right time to travel: Solar eclipses generally occur two to four times in a year, with the total solar eclipse that occurs within a length time of 18 months. Know the perfect time when the next eclipse will occur so that you can plan your travel accordingly. You can even go through the websites or local news to keep yourself updated on the length of time of the next eclipse.
  • Keep your eyes safe: Use proper safety glasses and do not look directly at the sun. There are safety devices like eclipse glasses or hand-held solar viewers that protect your eyes from the intense sun rays.
  • Location: The shadow of the moon moves across the earth. So if you are planning to view the solar eclipse, it is important to know exactly where you will have to locate to view the eclipse. Search for the Best Place to Visit to view the eclipse. Find out if the region you are staying in is situated in the path of the totality and also know the climate condition of the location.
  • Focus on your viewing conditions: Not every location will give you a clear view of the eclipse. Search for the best viewing conditions before you plan your travel to that particular region. Various factors mayaffect the clarity of the totality like light pollution, quality of the air, and the location weather.
  • Plan your routes: It is very important to know the route that you will be traveling to view the eclipse. Traffic congestion may be one of the causes. Plan your routes accordingly and give yourself some extra time when traveling as you may face a huge crowd.
  • Flying is better than on the road: Consider flying as this will be the most convenient way to travel from one place to another during the time eclipse. Keep in mind, that the buildings may obscure the view of the eclipse.
  • Follow the safety guidelines: Ensure that you are following the local laws and adhering to the safety guidelines when traveling during the solar eclipse. Take the right precautions that will protect your eyes from harmful sunlight.
  • Don’t forget to click: Remember to carry your camera to click and share your happiness with others. Check if you want to buy a Travel Camera. Clicking pictures will be the best thing to keep memories of such a precious event and also show others that you have seen.
  • Enjoy: If you are smart to take all the necessary precautions, an eclipse will be an excellent experience for you. Take time to plan properly your journey and make sure that you have carried all the necessary things to protect yourself. Enjoy to the fullest.

Why is the Moon Blood Moon during a lunar eclipse?

This is called a total lunar eclipse when the earth passes between the sun and the full moon. During this time the moon moves into the shadow of the earth and turns reddish in color for a few hours.

You must be thinking is it safe to look at the lunar eclipse? Yes is it safe to view the lunar eclipse using eclipse glasses. Every phase of the lunar is safe to view according to NASA. Watching a total lunar eclipse is nothing different from watching a moon at any other time.

The physics remains the same. Because of the short wavelength of the sun, blue light hits the molecules of the earth’s atmosphere and scatters.

Final Thoughts

Traveling during an eclipse can be once in a lifetime experience. It may take some time to plan your travel properly and arrange for all the required preparation, but the results are worth it.

Follow the safety guidelines, and also remember to wear sunscreen, protective clothes, hat as you will be open to direct sunlight for hours. This will protect your skin from any damage when watching the entire eclipse.

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