Top 12 Things To Do In Bali

For every nature fan traveler, Bali has consistently been an objective to be traveled once in a blue moon. From amazing beaches to lovely green mountains, Bali has it all. Besides, being a destination that is less expensive than others, it adds to the top list for every nature beauty admirer you can explore. There are many exciting and spiritually soothing things to do in Bali, which are unmissable. Let’s check out some of the best places to visit and top 12 things to do in Bali Indonesia:

1. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of Bali’s most known sea temples, positioned on a tall cliff edge on the island’s southwestern Bukit peninsula. During the day, you can take beautiful scenic pictures from over the walls of the temple and later, adore the dramatic sunsets. The waves below the temple walls make it one of the best internationally loved spots.

It is well known with sightseers and local people as well as some subtle monkeys – numerous guests cautioned to be watching out for the monkeys, who grab up things like caps, handbags, and glasses from clueless explorers. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll spot grey long-tailed macaques that inhabit the forests surrounding the temple.

2. White River Rafting On Ayung River

This destination has many exciting and adventurous water sports to try, one of which is White River Rafting on the Ayung River. As you flow down the wild and rapid river ride, you will come across many small local villages and lush forests that will give you completely divine vibes as you pass by. No wonder river rafting is listed as one of the top 10 things to do in Bali Indonesia all around the year.

3. Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Marine and Safari Park are comprised of the best vegetation in Indonesia, and you will be welcomed with more than 60 unique types of animals here. You can take a safari tour here, and see the animals roaming around freely. Many other shows and events are going on here throughout the day.

Staying here overnight in hotels and watching the elephants and giraffes wander around near your hotel window is fascinating.

4. Chocolate Factory in Bali

This chocolate factory here is one of the top producers of cocoa in the world! Visit the Pod chocolate factory and learn how the cocoa here is grown, harvested, and made. Later, you can enjoy the yummy bites made here and enjoy your evening.

Buy some sweet chocolate bites for your loved ones and take them back home! This chocolate factory is the best place here.

5. Kuta Beach

It is a famous beach for parties which is one of the top Bali things to do. So if you’re planning to socialize a bit, Kuta beach is the best for you. Party lovers will fall in love with the Jalan Legian in Kuta, Bali. This place has the best nightlife in Bali. You will find a huge range of nightlife clubs, pubs, live music events, and cafes to relax. The party scene here keeps going, and in case you are hungry, there are many eateries here to satisfy your hunger. Book your Bali Tour Packages right away!

6. Surfing in Bali’s Beaches

Surfing is what started tourism greatly in many Asian countries. It began along the island’s southern shores, where huge waves and peaceful, wonderful shorelines advanced into the prominent wave riders’ play areas we know today. The island’s first wave-riders discovered the unimaginable surf, thinking back to the 1930s, and more have flown in from then.

7. Ubud Monkey Forest

The monkey forest in Bali has many temples and statues that make the forests even more alluring to experience. Watching the monkeys here living in their natural habitat, swinging on the branches of the trees playfully, wandering around, and eating the fruits from the trees is very fascinating. It is a place worth experiencing on your Bali trip with your family and friends. If you are looking for some of the best things to do in Bali Ubud then this forest offers perfect settings.

8. Goa Gajah

The Goa Gajah fountain is said to have healing properties and keep you looking young for many years to come. The Fountain is known for the statues of six women carrying water pots, which are also fountains. The word ‘Goa Gajah’ means the elephant cave in Indonesian. This fountain a magical place among the list of things to do here.

9. Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach in Bali stands out from other beaches in Bali. It has black sand because of the volcanic ash and high mineral content in it. Another exciting thing to do on this beach is watching the dolphins! Take an early morning boat ride in the waters of Lovina and enjoy the blissful show of the Dolphins.

Many visitors visit Bali mainly to visit this unique beach and watch the dolphins here.

10. Seafood in Bali

Seafood in Bali is mouth-watering. The restaurants at Tanah Lot Temple offer memorable dining experiences along with scenic views of the Bali beach. Jimbaran Bay and its small group of seafood cafes are also a great spot in Bali for memorable sunsets along with grilled snapper served with local sambal chili sauce. Most of the restaurants in Bali are open all afternoon until late.

11. GitGit Waterfall

Bali GitGit Waterfall is a lovely traveler objective in the north piece of Bali. It is situated in the level zone with a stature of around 35 meters and it is encircled by a tropical tree and produces the continually characteristic water charge during the year. The waterfall voice around the beguiling nature was stunning and it was the different fascination that can be appreciated by every guest who drops by. A few ranches are securing the tropical jungle around the cascade and in this spot, we frequently met the wild monkey to get the water from there.

12. Bali Zoo Park

Bali Zoo Park is set in 12 acres of lush tropical garden and flowers surrounded. The zoo, getting Zoological isn’t just about having fascinating creatures in eco-accommodating natural surroundings, nor is it just about permitting the visitor to be intelligent and involved, taking care of and riding elephants, petting deer, playing with hares, and getting very close in holding snakes, child crocodiles, and bear-felines, nor is it pretty much observing winged animals shows and lions, tigers and endures close, it’s these things and then some. From the second you enter the entryway of Bali Zoo Park you can hold and take pictures with our tropical feathered creatures, feed the creatures, and significantly more. If you are looking for some of the  fun things to do in Bali with kids then Bali Zoo park is an ideal option.

What’s next?

Bali is a place that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. These destinations in Bali make it a trip worth visiting. Bali is also the most famous and visited islands in the world. Now you know what to do in Bali, you can go ahead and plan your itinerary within your budget. If you are looking for the best places to visit near Bali then don’t forget to check our Asia travel guides.

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