Best Places to Visit in Israel

Every family wants to explore tourist attractions that will make their holiday memorable. Here we are going to tell you about some such places in the amazing country called Israel. These famous tourist attractions in Israel will not only make your tour memorable but you will also end up recommending to your friends and colleagues. Check out these top things to do and best places to visit in Israel during anytime in the year:

Jerusalem, Israel (City Of Peace)

Jerusalem is one of the most unique cities in the world map thereby making it one of the top 10 places to visit in Israel. This city is not only a special and liturgical place for Muslims, Jews, and Christians, but it is also special for all those who are interested in the history of religions in particular and historically. Jerusalem, Israel is not only a very old city where it begins in the copper age (4500 – 3500 BC) but also Jerusalem, Israel is a very interesting place for everyone because of its heritage.

Religions have a special contribution to Jerusalem Israel, the reasons for this can be understood from the history that three different religions of the world (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) have contributed to making this city into present-day Jerusalem. The result is that today Jerusalem, Israel is a beautiful mixture of Christian, Islam, and Jewish culture, and traces of these different religions and cultures will be seen everywhere in your journey.

There is so much to do and see here for a first-time visitor to Jerusalem, Israel that you will have to stay here for at least 03 days, in addition to shopping at ‘Mahane Judah Market’, for the best ‘Humus’ and other dishes. Ley restaurant, ‘Light and Sound Show’ in ‘Tower of David’ will make your journey even more interesting.

Eilat, Israel

Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, located on the Red Sea coast, is a  hot, sunny year-round places to see in Isreal. A popular destination for skin and scuba diving, with tools for hire on or close to all main beaches, the Eilat Mountains are just like these in Sinai and there are trail roads for mountain climbing, the place one may also discover animals like Dorcas gazelle, rock hyrax, striped hyena, and Nubian ibex. Eilat has huge hotels and numerous attractions equivalent to camel riding, and the Eilat’s Underwater Observatory Marine Park.

Haifa, Israel

Haifa is a small seaside town that is always listed amongst some of the top places to visit in Israel. But this time the city has become the biggest link connecting the two strong democracies of the world. In the 99-year-old war, Indian heroism has added to them more strongly. This battle took place on 23 September 1918. Even today, this day is celebrated as Haifa Day in Israel.

7 Facts about Haifa

•  This is the largest city in northern Israel with the green Carmel and Mountain reached the blue Mediterranean Sea about Piper Haifa is a diverse city where Jews Christians Muslims Druze the highs and others coexist the holiday of holidays Festival is a celebration of the religious and cultural diversity of the town and takes place each December.

•  The beautiful Baha’i Gardens the center of the Baha’i faith is probably the most iconic site in Haifa attracting over half a million visitors a year these are the 19 terraced Gardens leading to the golden shrine of the bob.

•  This charming train in Haifa become elite holds a unique title the shortest railway line in the world although it’s technically a cable car moving on track rather than hanging within the air shifting up and down.

•  This is the cave of Elijah a holy place for Jews Christians Druze and Muslims following traditions Elijah the prophet took refuge right here throughout his wanderings within the Carmel wilderness and right here we’re 1000’s years later still talking about.

•  This city is crazy about soccer  Maccabi Haifa is one of the most decorated teams in Israel and the Samuel fo stadium is one of the largest and newest in Israel it can occupy more than 30,000  people.

• The largest film festival in Israel and the Middle East takes place here in – Haifa every year leaving filmmakers from  Israel and around the world to come here for 10 days of excellent cinema 10 days of an excellent city that’s good news.

•  Did you know that the only Japanese art museum in the Middle East is here and – the Dakotan museum showcases exclusively Japanese artwork music and dance performances I think it is only truthful that Japan has an Israeli artwork museum simply.

The Dead Sea, Israel

The Dead Sea in Israel is not considered any less than a marvel thereby becoming one of the best tourist attractions of Israel. The Dead Sea is the world’s smallest spread sea. This sea is 48 miles long, 15 miles broad, and about 1,375 feet deep from the Earth’s floor. The Dead Sea is about 1388 feet below sea stage at the lowest level on Earth. The most amazing thing is that no one drowns in this sea.

Timna Park, Israel

This place is no less than a paradise for a tourist in Israel places to visit. This park is constructed amid the desert, you’ll be able to take pleasure in tasty meals, pool enjoyment, and revel in your holidays in peace.

Sea of Galilee, Israel

Seeing the beauty spread around the Sea of Galilee full of charm, you also do not want to return home. You can consider doing some adventure activities here to add an element of spice to your journey.

Golan Height, Israel

If you wish to enjoy trekking then the golden peak of Israel is perfect for you. The path to achieving this fort on the high of the hill will fill your trip with adventure. No wonder, it is listed amongst one of the top places to visit in Israel all around the year.

What’s next?

The best places to see in Israel listed above are more than enough to make your tour memorable. If you are planning to visit some other popular countries around Israel then don’t forget to check our Asia travel guide.

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