Ways for Expats to Feel More at Home on a Foreign Land

Depending on different experiences, moving abroad as an expat can be daunting or exciting. When you make the final move from your home country, you’re sure to experience several troubles. When expatriates go abroad, they are required to learn a new culture, possibly a new language, customs, and so on. These are some of the issues expatriates face abroad and they need to aware of those.

It is normal for different people to take time before adapting to a new place. Sometimes, it helps to remember that you’re not the odd one out: other expats are most likely going through the same problems.

Issues Most Expatriates Face Abroad

  • Difference in Culture

The variations in the culture of your new home from your emigrating country could leave you speechless. You might be feeling normal one second and struggling to understand an experience the next second.

Differences in culture might also lead to conflicts between you and your new neighbors. For instance, you can perform an action that seems normal in your home country. That deed might be interpreted differently by the citizens of your new country.

  • Feeling Homesick

Even though the excitement in your first days of living as an expat can get to you, sooner rather than later, you’ll start to miss home. You may not miss the geography of your home but the people you’ve formed relationships with.

Since making friends in a new country isn’t instant, you can find yourself having personal conversations or thinking a lot more. Without a companion to share stuff with, things can get pretty lonely.

  • Geo-blocked Resources

Some countries have high levels of censorship. If you’re an expat in any of these countries, accessing services from home can get quite difficult.

Materials stored on cloud services back home may also not be accessible. This situation can lead to several things such as forced cut-off of contact between you and friends back home. You may not also have the ability to watch media that remind you of home.

The Panacea to these Existing Problems

  • Embrace the New Culture

To lessen the effects of culture shocks, you need to embrace the new culture, no matter how erratic it may seem. To get comfortable with this fact, you need to understand that even back home, there are cultural elements that other people would find unusual.

The best time to learn about the new culture is before you make the move. If you’re more prepared for them, it’ll be less of a shock when you have the experience. If you’ve already moved before learning about the new culture, you can make an acquaintance with locals and have things explained to you.

In the long run, embracing the culture will help you understand why the locals make certain choices.

  • Try to Keep in Touch with Friends from Home

When you keep in touch with friends back home, your relationships will be maintained. Although some will unconsciously practice the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing, you’ll find a willing number that’ll appreciate the effort you make to keep in touch.

Try to use the top messenger chat apps in your home country to communicate with your friends and relatives. This way, when you travel home, you wouldn’t have missed out on much.

  • Use a VPN to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

To satisfy recurrent bouts of reminiscing, you need to relive memories from home. Most people do this by connecting to cultural elements from home like listening to music and watching movies.

Unfortunately, movie streaming services can block movies and TV shows from certain regions due to license permissions. Thus, it is a high possibility that some of your favorite movies and shows might not be shown when you move.

This is where your VPN’s service comes in. After you download a VPN, you can reroute your internet traffic to make it seem like you’re surfing the net from a different location. This way, you’ll be able to beat geo-blocking. Apart from beating geo-restrictions, there are other reasons for expats to get a VPN.

VPNs help you go private when you browse the internet. You can also access financial services located in your home country without getting blocked out due to security features.


Leaving behind everything that is your life as an expatriate is never an easy thing to do. There are some difficulties that ex-pats can experience when they move ranging from geo-blocking to culture shocks.

You can beat these issues by using a VPN, embracing the new culture, and communicating with friends from home. The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to know issues most expatriates face abroad. Check out our other travel guides to get more such useful travel tips.

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